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Professional pet groomer with a dog and a cat

Pet, Dog, Cat Grooming – How To Find A Perfect Groomer Near You!

The importance of grooming goes way beyond just keeping your pet clean. Regular brushing and bathsnot only remove dirt and keep your pet smelling fresh, but it also helps to reduce shedding, removedead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation, and distribute natural oils evenly throughout the coat. Inother words, grooming is an essential part of pet ownership!But with so many different groomers out there, I need help finding mobile dog grooming near ...

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Dog with dry skin and dandruff

Why Your Dog Has Dry Skin and How to Treat It: Dog Dandruff

Dry, itchy skin is never a pleasant experience for dogs. However, the good thing is that with the right interventions, such an issue can be managed right at your home.  If your dog has been struggling with itchy, flaky skin, it's appropriate you look for ways to keep it comfortable. However, before that, you need to analyze what has been causing your dog to develop dry skin. You can try checking ...

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Ways to Care for Your Dog In Between Grooming Appointments

Life gets busy – at Groomit, we understand! After dropping the kids off at daycare, going to work, picking up groceries on the way home, and cooking dinner, there's often little time left over. Even the most organized people face time crunch pressures. As a result, it can be challenging to care for your dog in between grooming appointments.  There is just no room in the schedule. However, busy pet owners do have ...

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dog grooming near me

What is Kennel Cough? And How to Avoid It

A few days after a visit to the dog park, you notice your dog acting differently. Something is wrong. He's got a bad cough. It almost sounds like goose-honking! Uh oh, you think. Is this possible kennel cough?  Every year, thousands of puppies and dogs get sick with kennel cough, also known as "canine tracheobronchitis" or "bordetellosis." According to the American Kennel Club, this is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection. Us humans ...

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Dog shedding remedies

Top Home Remedies for Reducing Dog Shedding

Dogs are great companions all pet owners cannot regret having. They all make our days bright when we are dull. Yet, every pet owner can attest it's not always fun having tumbleweeds of pet fur all over the house, especially during shedding months.Although it's impossible to stop your dog from shedding, it's controllable. So, are you concerned about your dog's shedding? Here are some top home remedies that will see ...

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Found a Tick? What Dog Owners Should Know

Nothing gives dog owners the jitters like spotting a tick! Those nasty minor bugs are all over. Technically speaking, a tick is a type of parasitic arachnid. If you have never seen one before, a tick looks like a spider. Depending on whether it’s a larva, nymph, or adult, an engorged tick that has recently been fed will be similar in shape to a beetle. Usually, they are red, brown, or ...

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Dog sleeping in bed

Is it ok to sleep with your dog in your bed?

Sleeping with your pet may be a very common habit that is seemingly harmless to your health, yet it is an act that contains much debate.  Some animal lovers do not hesitate to make the decision as to whether or not the animal should climb into bed to sleep, for many, sleeping next to their dogs is a treat. Other people prefer their dogs to sleep nearby but in their own beds. ...

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How to Prepare For Kittens: Our Top Tips!

About to introduce a new kitten into the family? Proper preparation is important to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s how to prepare for kittens! New Kitten Tips: Creating a Safe, Kitten-Proof Den! It’s best to focus your preparation efforts on a single room. This is going to be your kitty’s den, and it’s where they should usually stay until they get used to the new environment. It’s important ...

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Tips for Understanding the Language of Pets

 Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered, “What are you thinking right now?”  For pet parents everywhere, it can be a mystery trying to figure out what’s going on inside those adorable fluffy heads. Of course, unlike humans, cats, dogs, and other companion animals don’t speak with words. They cannot just open their mouths and tell us everything they are feeling.  So, we must pay close attention!  Read on for Groomit’s ...

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In-home and mobile dog grooming service

5 Benefits of In-Home and Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Keywords to optimize the article for: dog grooming Are your pets in need of a makeover? That's right, it's time to go to the groomer. Whether they need a trim, a bath, or a fashionable new cut, a dog groomer will know what to do. When you're in the market for a good dog grooming service, you have some decisions to make. The first one: do you want to visit a groomer, or ...

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