Five Dog Breeds That Need Professional Grooming

Every dog breed requires regular grooming to be healthy and comfortable, however, some breeds with silky and fine coats require a frequent helping hand from an expert groomer.These breeds require professional attention to ensure their coat not only looks good but is free of matting and other discomforts.In this article, we’re going to take a look at five breeds with beautiful coats that need regular professional grooming to be at their best!PoodleThe Poodle has ...

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pomeranian dog

About the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian consolidates a little body (close to seven pounds) and an instructing large pooch aura. The bountiful twofold coat, with its ruffle stretching out over the chest and shoulders, comes in just about two dozen hues, and different examples and markings, however is most normally found in orange or red. Popularity: Ranks 23 of 196Height: 6-7 inchesWeight: 3-7 poundsLife Expectancy: 12-16 yearsAlert and keen, Pomeranians are handily prepared and make ...

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Stylish Haircuts for Pets: The Big Benefits!

That's right, haircuts aren't just for us humans! Our pets can benefit greatly from them too.Not only does it help them look a lot less scruffy, but it also has some real positive effects on their health and comfort. A professional haircut is a win-win!So, let's take a look at how a professional Groomit-quality haircut can help your pet, along with an overview of what we offer in this department! 1. ...

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Cute Pomeranian Happy After Receiving In-Home Dog Grooming

In-Home Dog Grooming: Our 6 Most Popular Breeds!

What are the most popular dog breeds we see at Groomit? Today, we’re going to take a good look at what breeds take advantage of our expert in-home dog grooming service the most.So, sit back and relax, while we take you through each astoundingly cute breed and how they benefit from our grooming magic!PomeranianWhat isn’t there to love about this cute ball of fluff?! Our groomers are lucky enough to meet ...

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photo of philadelphia

Dog Grooming Philly – The Most Popular Breeds!

Need some dog grooming in Philly? Well, we have some news for you!We at Groomit are super excited to finally announce that we have expanded our services into the lovely city of Philadelphia! We’ve already begun providing our exemplary in-home grooming service to the wonderful pet owners here and we simply can’t wait to meet more.One thing that we have noticed with our short time being here, is that many of ...

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6 Hypoallergenic Breeds That Are Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

If you’re a person who absolutely adores dogs and cats, yet can’t go near one without sneezing and itching due to allergies, don’t fret!Hypoallergenic pets shed a minuscule amount, meaning that there is less exposure to the dander that is commonly the cause of an allergic reaction.Therefore, such breeds can be a much better choice of pet for allergy sufferers! In this article, we will take a quick look through ...

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5 of the Best Dog Swimming Spots in NYC

Taking your dogs swimming can be a great opportunity for them to have a lot of fun. Many dog breeds love to play in the water, and it can be a good way of cooling them down after a day of summer activities.But in New York City, it isn’t immediately obvious where you could take your dogs swimming. However, there are some fantastic spots throughout the city for those who ...

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Matted Pets: How to Deal With Minor and Severe Tangles

Matted pets can look really disheveled, but the poor state of their coat is more than just a simple issue with their appearance. Matting can cause real discomfort, and in some cases, can even pose a health risk.Therefore, it’s very important to remove mats when they appear. In this quick post, we will take you through the process of dematting, looking at both minor and severe matting. Dealing with Minor Tangles and ...

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4th of July Fireworks: How to Keep Your Pets Calm!

It’s not long at all now until Independence Day arrives! While there is certainly much fun to be had on the 4th of July, it can be quite a distressing time for cats and dogs due to fireworks.If you live in a populated area, it is very likely there will be many fireworks going off throughout the evening. These loud explosions and lights can cause severe anxiety in our family ...

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