Pet Adoption Tips: How to Save a Life This Fall

As we enter the month of October, many of us are excited for Halloween and all the other delights that Fall brings with it. However, this month is special for animals too, especially those within shelter. After all, it's Adopt a Dog month! Which is why we thought it'd be a great idea to cover some pet adoption tips.During this special month, we should all take some time to consider ...

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Cat Vaccination Guide USA – Everything You Need to Know!

In need of a cat vaccination guide? You’re in the right place!If you have an unvaccinated cat, you will most likely be anxious to get things sorted as quickly as possible so that your cat is protected.However, there are a lot of vaccines for cats out there. Are they all necessary, or even safe? It can be a big source of worry, especially for new cat owners.But that’s why we thought ...

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Fast Growing Startup Groomit is Searching for Investors!

We’re excited to announce that Groomit is crowdfunding for investments! Would you like to be the next to invest in a fast-growing startup within the booming pet industry?Our in-home grooming service has done nothing but wow the residents of New York City, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. Now, we’re looking to the future. We want to continue to expand our service so that we may bring our impeccable grooming service to even more pet owners. ...

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Enrichment for Older Dogs: How to Keep Your Pup Excited!

As our dogs get older, it’s natural for them to become a little less active. However, this doesn't mean they no longer need physical and mental stimulation. Proper enrichment for older dogs can provide both in a super fun way!Keeping our senior dogs stimulated with enrichment brings many benefits, allowing them to continue to enjoy life even as their age begins to slow them down.So, let’s take a look ...

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Yorkshire Terrier photo

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts – Which is the Best for Your Pup?

There are many different Yorkshire Terrier haircuts, each with their own benefits. From the absolutely stunning show coat to a breezy short trim, this breed certainly has a lot of options available in regards to its coat.But which one is the best for you? We’re going to take you through four of the most popular haircuts seen in the Yorkie to see which one would fit your particular pooch. Oh, and did ...

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Five Dog Breeds That Need Professional Grooming

Every dog breed requires regular grooming to be healthy and comfortable, however, some breeds with silky and fine coats require a frequent helping hand from an expert groomer.These breeds require professional attention to ensure their coat not only looks good but is free of matting and other discomforts.In this article, we’re going to take a look at five breeds with beautiful coats that need regular professional grooming to be at their best!PoodleThe Poodle has ...

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Old cat photo

How to Groom an Old Cat – What You Need to Know

As our cats age, many often find that their coats begin to look a bit more disheveled, dirty, and matted. This is because it becomes tougher for a senior cat to properly groom themselves. Therefore, it’s important to know how to groom an old cat.Grooming an older cat comes with some special considerations, so we’re going to take you through everything you need to know so that your cat can have a ...

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Terrier photo

Why is Pet Grooming More Expensive than My Haircut?

When people first hear the price range for pet grooming, many are initially surprised that it costs more than they expect! As it commonly costs more than a human haircut, this can leave many confused as to why.Is a human haircut not more work and effort than a simple brush and trim for a dog?This is a big misconception – there are many valid factors that contribute to the increased price!Today, we’re going ...

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dog looking anxious while grooming

Grooming an Anxious Dog: How to Safely Groom Your Pup

Have you ever tried grooming an anxious dog? If you have, you’ll be well aware of the challenge it presents!When your dog is anxious during a grooming session, they are likely to wriggle and writhe all over the place, making the task much harder. Especially if you are using trimmers and scissors; these situations can become dangerous for the both of you!However, grooming is something that cannot be skipped, regardless of whether your dog ...

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