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Groomer earning a tip from a satisfied customer

How to Earn a Tip as a Groomer: Expert Tips For Success

Being a pet groomer (especially "Groomit-er”) includes not only professionally handling and grooming pets but also offering outstanding customer service. One of the enjoyable aspects of being a groomer is receiving tips from delighted customers. In this blog, I shall cover four practical techniques and strategies that will help you earn a tip as a groomer (or “Groomit-er” if you like), boosting your income and customer satisfaction.1. Establish a positive ...

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Aggressive dog being groomed by a professional

A Guide to Aggressive Dog Grooming

Are you struggling with aggressive dog grooming? Do you feel anxious thinking about handling your pet during grooming sessions? Many dog owners have to deal with the same tendencies, which can be dangerous for both the dog and the groomer. We're here to help!Today's article will show you how to tame and groom a tough dog safely and effectively. We've covered everything from understanding aggressive behaviors to dealing with aggression ...

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