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5 Benefits of In-Home and Mobile Dog Grooming Service

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Are your pets in need of a makeover? That’s right, it’s time to go to the groomer. Whether they need a trim, a bath, or a fashionable new cut, a dog groomer will know what to do.

When you’re in the market for a good dog grooming service, you have some decisions to make. The first one: do you want to visit a groomer, or would you rather opt for in-home pet grooming? 

Both of these options are valid, but we’re here to talk about why mobile pet grooming services can be the better option. Keep reading to learn all of the benefits of mobile and at-home pet grooming. 

1. It’s Easier For Your Schedule

When you make an appointment with the groomer, you have to work it around your schedule. While mobile pet groomers will also have their own work schedules, they’re more accessible and easier to fit into your schedule.

Imagine the following scenario: you get home from work but have to rush to grab your dog and make it to your grooming appointment on time. While you wait, you’re stressed about all of the things that you have to do at home. If you have kids, you also need to find a sitter. 

There has to be a better way.

When you hire a pet groomer who can come straight to your home, they can arrive on your schedule. They can be there soon after you return home from work or school so you don’t have to waste time.

Because you’re at home, you’re also able to handle some responsibilities while you wait. Whether this is cleaning, homework, or taking care of children, you can do it while your groomer is working!

2. No Transportation Worries

Speaking of ease and accessibility, when you hire a mobile pet groomer, they come to you! You no longer have to worry about how you’re going to get there.

If you have a car, this may seem like a trivial concern. After all, you’re able to get from point A to point B with ease already. But what about the time that it takes to convince your dog to get into the car, as well as the time that the commute will take? 

If you don’t have a car, you understand even better. While public transportation is a viable option for many things, it doesn’t work as well when you need to transport a pet. You may end up having to call an expensive ride-share service or taxi. 

Let someone else do the driving by opting for a pet groomer that brings their grooming service with them on the road.

3. It’s Less Stressful for Your Dog

Most dogs aren’t thrilled when it’s time to visit the groomer. They may be afraid of scissors, electronic shavers, and nail clippers, even if they’re comfortable with you using them at home. Many dogs are also uncomfortable with strangers touching them.

Going to an unfamiliar place makes the problem even worse, not to mention the added stress from the ride to get to the grooming salon. 

When a dog is stressed out, grooming it will be more difficult. Even without that fact, you don’t want to put your dog through any kind of emotional distress. 

A mobile dog groomer won’t solve the problem completely. After all, your dog will still have to go to a new person and interact with grooming tools, but without the element of stressful transportation and a new area.

Dogs who get riled up when they see (or even smell) other dogs will also benefit from a mobile dog grooming service. They won’t interact with any unfamiliar animals because the groomer is visiting your home. 

4. It’s More Comfortable

Speaking of being in the home, hiring a mobile dog grooming service is just the most comfortable option altogether (for both you and your dog).

For you, it’s much nicer to be able to sit at home rather than in an uncomfortable grooming salon. You have all of the things that you could need to entertain or busy yourself while you wait for your dog groomer to finish the grooming session.

For your dog, it gets to stay in the comfortable environment that it’s used to. There are no unusual smells or sounds aside from the ones that come from grooming equipment and cleansers. 

5. Your Dog Gets All of The Attention 

At a standard grooming salon, there are several appointments going on at the same time. This is great when it comes to serving the most clients, but it could result in longer wait times and your own dog getting less attention (not to mention the stress from being around other animals). 

With a mobile grooming service, your dog will be the only one that your groomer is paying attention to. There are no other distractions or responsibilities. This makes the groomer more efficient and allows them to use special care when it comes to the grooming session. 

With all of that attention being devoted to your dog, the groomer is also less likely to make mistakes. They get to do their best work!

Mobile Dog Grooming: The Obvious Choice

Why make dog grooming more stressful and time-consuming than it has to be? With a mobile pet grooming service, your dog can get a great new style without ever having to leave your property. 

Don’t struggle with schedule conflicts, transportation, and the boredom that comes alongside waiting at the grooming salon. Hire a mobile pet groomer today.

Are you looking for a top-quality dog groomer? At Groomit, our experienced groomers come to you! Book an appointment with us today!

dog Grooming near me

Groomit Team

GroomIt is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers. By connecting owners and groomers directly, Groomit offers top quality services at affordable prices, all performed in the convenience and comfortability of your home.

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