Ways to Care for Your Dog In Between Grooming Appointments

Life gets busy – at Groomit, we understand!

After dropping the kids off at daycare, going to work, picking up groceries on the way home, and cooking dinner, there’s often little time left over. Even the most organized people face time crunch pressures. As a result, it can be challenging to care for your dog in between grooming appointments. 

There is just no room in the schedule.

However, busy pet owners do have options!

While Groomit’s mobile grooming services make booking convenient and stress-free, there are several other ways to keep your dog looking great. 

Want to find out how? 

Brush regularly

Is Fido looking a little shabby? Are you constantly vacuuming dead hairs off the carpet and furniture? If yes, your dog will benefit from regular brushing. Cat and dog owners alike should be brushing their pets weekly. Even a short 5-minute brush will do wonders to cut down on shedding.

In addition, dogs with medium to long hair require a weekly brush to prevent knots and tangles. When a groomer brushes a dog, they aren’t just making them look pretty (though it’s an added benefit!). Instead, a groomer is working to remove loose hair, dead skin, dander, any debris, etc.  

Can’t book an in-home grooming appointment until next month? Devote some time towards a good brushing every few days. 

Keep pet wipes close by   

Next, care for your cat or dog in between grooming appointments using wipes. Humans wash their faces every day. And sure, cats lick themselves. Dogs do their best to clean their muzzles and toes. But nothing beats a thorough face washing.

Remove eye gunk and earwax buildup. Either wet a napkin or use a brand of wipes made specifically for pets to get rid of dirt and oils. Be especially careful around your pet’s sensitive eyes. A complete wipe now and again will reduce bacteria and minimize the risk of infection. 

This is especially true for wrinkly breeds, like pugs. 

Wash bedding and linen 

Here is another fantastic idea: do your pet’s laundry. 

Responsible pet owners will notice if their animal is starting to smell. Yet how often do we wash their bedding? You would never climb under the blankets in dirty outdoor clothes green with grass stains. However, that’s what cats and dogs often do! As a result, beds, blankies, and linens can start to develop an unpleasant odor. 

And the less often you wash them, the stinker your pet will be…

So, clean their bedding to keep your pet smelling like a field of flowers. This small act goes a long way in between grooming appointments. 

Brush your dog’s teeth

Did you know? An adult dog has 42 teeth. Like people, oral hygiene is an essential aspect of overall good health. A dog who never gets its teeth brushed will have plaque buildup. Over time, this can end in tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. 

Try brushing your dog’s teeth between trips to the groomer and veterinarian. Pet stores sell doggy toothpaste (along with canine toothbrushes) for easy cleaning. 

After all, what pup wouldn’t love chicken-flavored toothpaste? 

Use door rugs and mats 

Fifth, Groomit dog groomers recommend placing mats in the home. Our four-legged friends must go outdoors for potty, rain, or shine! Unfortunately, the outside inevitably gets brought inside in wet fur and filthy paws. 

To keep your home and pet sparkly clean, position a mat by the door. Please encourage them to wipe their feet before coming in. A towel is great, too. Even a quick 20-second rub down before entering the house will drastically reduce how dirty your dog gets before seeing the groomer again.   

Get fashionable with coats and booties. 

Lastly, why not purchase some clothes for your pup? 

The purpose of this is twofold. Firstly, coats and boots are adorable. There is nothing cuter than spotting a wee French Bulldog shuffling down the street in their red parka and miniature booties. Secondly, these clothes keep your dog warm and dry. Dogs living in colder or wetter climates will find snow clings to their fur. Likewise, longhaired dogs who get drenched and not appropriately dried afterward can develop knots in their coat.  

Stop this grooming nightmare in its tracks with a high-quality, water-resistant coat. 

Ready to book? We offer in-home & mobile pet grooming with three bestselling packages. 

Now you know how to care for a pet between regular grooming appointments. Still, nothing beats the all-star treatment from Groomit!

With Silver, Eco, and Gold packages, owners can book any of the following:

  • Haircut
  • Dry brush out
  • Conditioner 
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Bath
  • Blow-dry
  • Cologne 
  • Sanitary trim

Visit our page here to learn more. 

Until then, enjoy using these six tips with your furball!  

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Groomit Team

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