Person touching a cat

Benefits of Being a Cat Owner + Amazing Grooming Tips!

This #WiseWednesday post falls on quite a special time; not only is Christmas coming up, but the entirety of December is National Cat Lovers month!Therefore, we thought we would focus this post on our cute kittens and why they make for such great companions. Along with this, we are going to offer some indispensable grooming tips to help you care for your fluffy balls of trouble!So, let’s get started and take a ...

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Happy family with a dog

Thanksgiving and Pets: Involving Them in the Fun!

It's almost that time of year again! There’s a lot to look forward to; we imagine that some of you already have some fun family activities on the agenda.But have you made sure to include your pets? They are a family member too, and it simply would not be fair for them to be an outsider to the celebrations!How do you actually get your pets involved with the Thanksgiving festivities?Don’t worry, there are plenty ...

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A dog eating a cookie

Halloween Pet Safety – What Is Safe For Them to Eat?

As the date inches ever so closer to the 31st, we can’t help to contain our excitement for Halloween!However, the frightening fun brings some preventable risks to your pet’s health. Therefore, in this #WiseWednesday post, we thought we would go over Halloween pet safety for the upcoming spooky festivities.In this article, you will learn what common Halloween snacks may prove to be harmful to our family animals, and give you ...

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A dog with a ball in his mouth

Pet Exercise – Helping Them Be Fit and Happy!

Welcome to another #WiseWednesday post! This week, we will be looking into how regular pet exercise is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy.Sadly, a lot of dogs and cats are not getting the amount of exercise they need; which can lead to both health and behavioral problems.While it can be tough to find the time in our busy modern lives, it’s not something that can be skipped! ...

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Pet Obesity – How to Help Improve Their Health!

It's Wednesday again, which means that it is time for another #WiseWednesday post! Today, as it’s National Obesity Awareness Day, we thought we would look into the growing problem of pet obesity.54% of America’s cats and dogs are overweight and it’s a much bigger problem than many people realize. Obesity can lead to a multitude of health issues that can easily be prevented just by keeping your pet fit ...

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Brown dog showing pet oral hygiene

Pet Oral Hygiene – Dental Disease and How to Prevent It

This post is part of our #WiseWednesday campaign, in which we will focus on giving you the information and knowledge you need to better care for your pets. This week we will be focusing on pet oral hygiene!Dental disease is a huge concern within both dogs and cats. 80% of dogs by the age of three have some kind of dental issue, while 70% of cats at the same age suffer from similar problems.So ...

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Matted Pets: How to Deal With Minor and Severe Tangles

Matted pets can look really disheveled, but the poor state of their coat is more than just a simple issue with their appearance. Matting can cause real discomfort, and in some cases, can even pose a health risk.Therefore, it’s very important to remove mats when they appear. In this quick post, we will take you through the process of dematting, looking at both minor and severe matting. Dealing with Minor Tangles and ...

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4th of July Fireworks: How to Keep Your Pets Calm!

It’s not long at all now until Independence Day arrives! While there is certainly much fun to be had on the 4th of July, it can be quite a distressing time for cats and dogs due to fireworks.If you live in a populated area, it is very likely there will be many fireworks going off throughout the evening. These loud explosions and lights can cause severe anxiety in our family ...

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Cat Grooming in the Summer: Important Tips For a Happy Kitty!

We are right in the midst of summer now, and there are cats everywhere enjoying the warmth the season brings.However, with the hot weather comes some seasonal risks that proper grooming can help alleviate. Many cats require a helping hand to help ensure that they remain as comfortable and healthy as possible during the summer months!Here are some valuable tips on cat grooming in the summer!Trimming Their CoatsFor us ...

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