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6 Best Tips for New Cat Owners

Welcoming a new cat into the family is a fun experience. But, it takes planning and lots of care to look after a cat properly.One thing you might not expect to do is cat grooming. If that takes you by surprise, here are 6 other tips for new cat owners that you might have overlooked.1. Get in with a vet earlyYou might already know this one, but it’s worth mentioning. ...

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New Dog Owner Guide – What do you Need to Know?

If you’ve never owned a dog before, be prepared for something of a learning curve. Caring for your new pooch takes a lot more than you might think, particularly something like dog haircuts if it’s a high-maintenance breed.Luckily, there’s some general information that applies to all dog breeds. Below is all you need to know as a new dog owner to help your pet live a long and happy life.Choosing a ...

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