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Found a Tick? What Dog Owners Should Know

Nothing gives dog owners the jitters like spotting a tick!Those nasty minor bugs are all over. Technically speaking, a tick is a type of parasitic arachnid. If you have never seen one before, a tick looks like a spider. Depending on whether it’s a larva, nymph, or adult, an engorged tick that has recently been fed will be similar in shape to a beetle. Usually, they are red, brown, or ...

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Your dog got sprayed by a skunk? Get rid of the smell

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means? Muddy paws, wet puddles to jump in, and the perfect time to book a dog grooming appointment with us here at Groomit! As the snow melts away, critters will start to emerge from their winter dens. Your pup will be happy to see familiar animals, such as squirrels and rabbits. But one not-so-friendly face? Skunks.If you notice a black and white ...

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Cold Weather Walking Tips for Dogs

How to keep a dog warm and comfortable during winter? It’s a question dog groomers and pet owners are both familiar with. If you live in a northern state (or country) then you no doubt understand the struggle of walking a dog in the winter months. Heading out into sub-zero temperatures? Strolling in the arctic cold wind? Picking up doggy business in the snow?Brrr…And while we humans can wear mitts, hats, and ...

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Dog sleeping in bed

Is it ok to sleep with your dog in your bed?

Sleeping with your pet may be a very common habit that is seemingly harmless to your health, yet it is an act that contains much debate. Some animal lovers do not hesitate to make the decision as to whether or not the animal should climb into bed to sleep, for many, sleeping next to their dogs is a treat.Other people prefer their dogs to sleep nearby but in their own beds. ...

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Tips for Understanding the Language of Pets

 Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered, “What are you thinking right now?” For pet parents everywhere, it can be a mystery trying to figure out what’s going on inside those adorable fluffy heads. Of course, unlike humans, cats, dogs, and other companion animals don’t speak with words. They cannot just open their mouths and tell us everything they are feeling. So, we must pay close attention! Read on for Groomit’s ...

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The Essential New Dog Owners Guide to Dog Walking and Grooming

 Everything you need to know to make walks clean, safe, and fun  Going on walks with your four-legged friend is one of the best perks of owning a dog. Not only do you both get exercise, but the fresh air, sunshine, and time spent together bonding as humans and canine is irreplaceable. Just like grooming, exercise is a key aspect of pet ownership. Unfortunately, being outdoors can sometimes lead to muddy paws ...

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Mobile pet grooming service

How Mobile Pet Grooming Works?

Is your dog looking scruffy and in desperate need of a bath and haircut? Is your cat covered in mats and refusing to be brushed? Do they hate going to the groomer because of crowding and noise? Well, have no fear, Groomit, the mobile grooming service is here! If your doggo is one of those that hates traveling or staying in a cage for hours, choosing a mobile grooming company would ...

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In-home and mobile dog grooming service

5 Benefits of In-Home and Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Keywords to optimize the article for: dog groomingAre your pets in need of a makeover? That's right, it's time to go to the groomer. Whether they need a trim, a bath, or a fashionable new cut, a dog groomer will know what to do.When you're in the market for a good dog grooming service, you have some decisions to make. The first one: do you want to visit a groomer, or ...

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How Can I Keep My Dog Calm and Relaxes When I Leave the Home?

While most of us would probably prefer to stay at home with our beloved pets, leaving the house is necessary. Whether it’s going to work, going grocery shopping, or simply socializing, there will come a time when your dog must stay home alone.Separation anxiety is incredibly common among dogs, and this can make it difficult to justify leaving them.Luckily, there are plenty of solutions. In this article, we’ll look at ...

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COVID-19 Resources

Personal Protective EquipmentTo help maintain safety during the COVID-19, Groomit has provided protective equipment (i.e. masks, gloves, and shoe protections) to groomers. Groomers will wear masks/facial coverings, shoe covers, and/or gloves during grooming as an enhanced safety measure. Clients may share special cleanliness requests prior to the groomer arriving at their home. We ask that for in-home services, clients to keep social distancing and wear face masks.Cleanliness PracticesGroomit Groomers are following ...

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