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Why Is My Puppy Crying?

Ask any puppy parent; welcoming a new puppy is always an exciting period. However, all this excitement might be ruined if your puppy keeps crying and whining from day one.

Worth noting that you don’t need to overreact if you are frustrated by this behavior. Punishing your puppy for crying all night might lead to other behavioral issues. It would help if you first unearthed why your puppy keeps crying and whining daily. It will be much easier to devise ways to calm your puppy down.

Puppy Crying Is An Expected Behavior

One of the ways dogs communicate is by crying. It’s how wild dogs or wolves communicate with their pack members.

In this scenario, you are part of the pack, so they will try to use any method to get your attention when they have a need. As a puppy parent, it’s your responsibility to figure out why your puppy is whining or crying. And sometimes, ignoring the crying is recommendable, whereas your prompt action is needed in some scenarios. Here are the top reasons that might make your puppy cry daily.

1. The Puppy Is Adjusting

Most puppies will whine and cry all night during their first few days in their forever home.
Such is normal. Remember, this is a new home, and they expect to be with their mother and siblings. However, they are nowhere to be seen. Such can be scary for them. Thus, they cry as they miss their mother’s and siblings’ warmth.
Nevertheless, expect such behavior to subside with time, as they will start adapting to this new home.
You can ensure their bed is warm to keep them comfortable during the first few scary nights. Another way is letting them sleep in your bedroom, which will go a long way in keeping them at ease during the night.

2. The Puppy Wants To Go Outside To Pee

If your puppy is crying when scratching the crate or door, it signals that they need to get outside to potty. You should always respond to such cues, as it’s essential during potty training.
After noticing your puppy crying, hurriedly pick it up and take it to the designated area to pee.

3. Boredom

Puppies start crying, whining, and yelping when they are bored. You see, unlike you, who can go for a walk or binge-watch a movie, they don’t have much to do unless you provide them with a task.
Your puppy relies on you to help them become excited and free of boredom.
If not so, then your puppy may start breaking up the crate, biting everything around, crying, and pacing around; all these are tell-tale signs of boredom.
In such a case, ensure you have provided your puppy with enough physical exercise. Perhaps a walk before they sleep. Frisbee is also a great sport they can engage in before sleeping. If it’s cold outside, you’re not limited. You can create obstacles in the house which they will try clear. Hide and seek is also another indoor game to tire your puppy.
Besides physical stimulation, mental exercise is equally good. You can get puzzle games that will challenge your pup’s intelligence.
All these interventions will come a long way in burning up your pup’s excess energy.

4. Your Puppy Is Hungry

Meeting your pup’s nutrition needs is always essential. As it’s during this phase, you want them to get the proper nutrients that will propel them to adulthood.
If your puppy is not getting the right amount of food, it won’t hesitate to notify you.
That’s why you should consult a puppy vet on the ideal amount of food your puppy needs to get as per age.
Such an expert will also advise you on the feeding schedule ideal for your puppy.
If followed in detail, then you will note that such crying will come to a stop.
Highlight: Some puppies will cry when it’s almost meal time. Thus it might not be necessary that they are starving. They might be notifying you that their feeding time is here and you must do the required.
In such a scenario, there is no need to tweak their feeding schedule or diet.

5. Attention Seeking

Have you been locking up your puppy in the darkest room in your house, and the only time you meet is during feeding time? Then don’t start wondering why your puppy is crying?
The puppy needs your attention. As earlier said, dogs thrive in a pack. They will enjoy having your company watching what you are doing. More so, this is common to lap dogs.
If that is the reason, look for ways you will be interacting with the puppy.
For example, you can groom the puppy’s coat when you are around. Besides keeping your puppy’s skin groomed, it will get its desired attention.

6. Your Puppy Is Sick

If nothing seems to calm your puppy, then it might be sick. A puppy in severe pain will communicate through crying. If other signs like diarrhea and vomiting accompany this behavior, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the veterinary office.

The vet will perform some examinations to reveal the illness making your puppy cry.

After getting the proper medication and the right interventions put in place, then expect this puppy crying behavior to come to a stop.


It might reach a point where you may get annoyed if every intervention you apply seems not to work. 

If you have ever been in such a scenario, kicking, shouting, or hurling insults at your pup will deepen your frustration as none of it will work. This behavior may even worsen and make your puppy fear you.

Instead, walk away till you are at ease. And if everything seems frustrating, consult an animal behaviorist. Sometimes it’s great to ignore your puppy. In case you are sure that your pups’ needs have been fulfilled. 

Answer these cries now and then, and your puppy will know its tantrums are worth getting your attention. 

Final Thoughts

New puppies will come with lots of goodies, and not all are positive. Crying is one of the baggage most puppies come with. The positive thing is that the crying behavior is much easier to tackle if you know the root cause.

Furthermore, depending on the situation and how you tackle it, this behavior can stop within the next few days and sometimes last for weeks and months.

If you are a new puppy parent, consulting fellow dog owners, the vet, or a professional might be a great option so you don’t be overwhelmed.

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