Your dog got sprayed by a skunk? Get rid of the smell

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means? 
Muddy paws, wet puddles to jump in, and the perfect time to book a dog grooming appointment with us here at Groomit! 

As the snow melts away, critters will start to emerge from their winter dens. Your pup will be happy to see familiar animals, such as squirrels and rabbits.
But one not-so-friendly face? 

If you notice a black and white furball waddling around the neighborhood, be sure to follow these tips and tricks to avoid getting sprayed. And if the unfortunate event does happen to your dog…
Don’t panic! Groomit mobile grooming has you covered.

Ways to prevent dogs from getting sprayed by a skunk 

Yuck. What’s that awful smell? 
More often than not, dog walkers pick up the smell of a skunk long before they see it. Skunks have very recognizable scents. It is a mix of rotten eggs and sulfur. Some people describe the smell like that of burned rubber. 

Very unpleasant indeed. 
The good news is, getting sprayed by a skunk is 90% avoidable. Just like most wild animals, skunks don’t want to interact with humans and dogs. After all, to a skunk, your dog will seem like a predator. A loud “woof” is enough to send a curious skunk running back into the woods. 

That being said, here are 4 practical ways to avoid being sprayed. 

  1. Don’t catch a skunk by surprise

Skunks are gentle animals. They don’t attack unprovoked. They have small claws and even smaller teeth, meaning when it comes to defense mechanisms a skunk has limited options.

So, they get creative! When a skunk is startled or afraid, it might hiss. Or stamp their feet. But if a dog doesn’t “take the hint” and continues to approach – watch out! A yellowish oil will be secreted from under the tail that could leave your dog’s fur stinking for days. 

  1. Keep your dog on leash

Secondly, to prevent getting sprayed keep your dog on a leash, especially in forested areas. This is where skunks eat, sleep, and live. Dogs who are free to roam often accidentally stumble across a skunk out for a stroll. If your dog doesn’t have perfect recall or isn’t fast enough, they can get sprayed in just a few seconds.  

  1. Be careful walking at night

For those who live in the city, be mindful when walking after dark. Just like raccoons, skunks are most active at sundown. They will be rummaging around garbage bins and recycling boxes looking for scraps of food. Always keep your dog close by and be alert to your surroundings. 

  1. Call animal control for help 

Lastly, call in the professionals whenever you notice a skunk problem. Does your dog keep pawing at the fence? Try to get under the deck? Sniff at a deep hole in the backyard? These are all signs that you might have an unwelcome and stinky visitor! 

If a skunk is just passing through, leave it be. Give plenty of space. However, if you notice an adult hanging around for more than a day (or see baby skunks) call a humane animal control officer to relocate the family. 

Doing these 4 things will stop your pup from getting sprayed and ensure all your doggy grooming appointments are for regular reasons, like staying clean and pretty! 

Uh oh! It happened anyways. How do I get rid of skunk odor on my dog? 

Sometimes, despite our best effort, accidents happen. The good news is Groomit offers in-home and mobile pet grooming services. 

You can expect: 

  • instant booking
  • seamless in-app payment processes
  • the finest organic and non-toxic supplies 
  • a stress-free environment 

But if your dog got sprayed by a skunk and you want to deal with the issue immediately (or are out of town camping/traveling, for instance) then you’ll need an anti-smelly remedy, fast!

Do the following:

First, wash your dog’s eyes with clean water. Red indicates irritation. Second, put on gloves. This will protect your hands from skunk oils.

Third, clean and rinse your dog. PetMD recommends different solutions or shampoos, depending on what you have laying around the house. Some dog owners swear by tomato juice. Others suggest a deodorizing baking soda mixture. Look in your cupboard and do some research on what’s safest for your pooch. When in doubt, call your veterinarian for guidance. 

Fourth, pat dry. The towel you use is probably going to hold lingering smells and have to be thrown out. Choose one you don’t mind losing. 

Fifth, watch your dog for an allergic reaction. Skunk spray can occasionally cause vomiting, so keep an eye out.  

Final Thoughts 

Above all, act quickly. Left uncleaned, the smell of skunk spray will last up to three weeks. Ew. 

Save your dog – and yourself – an unpleasant experience by adhering to these top tips from Groomit. And remember, our groomers are only a click away! 

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