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How Mobile Pet Grooming Works?

Is your dog looking scruffy and in desperate need of a bath and haircut? Is your cat covered in mats and refusing to be brushed? Do they hate going to the groomer because of crowding and noise? Well, have no fear, Groomit, the mobile grooming service is here! 

If your doggo is one of those that hates traveling or staying in a cage for hours, choosing a mobile grooming company would be best. The business, Groomit, services thousands of pets and owners in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Orlando, Connecticut, and Dallas, and is quickly expanding! If you happen to live in any of those areas, choosing Groomit would be the best choice for your pet’s grooming needs. 

Grooming is a large part of the pet industry and marketplace, growing significantly over the last few years. Mobile grooming has really taken off lately, as more owners are looking for ways to keep their commuting to a minimum and also reduce their pet’s anxiety over being dropped off in a busy kennel or grooming facility. This is where mobile pet grooming services, such as Groomit, come in handy! 

What Is Mobile Pet Grooming? 

A mobile grooming service is exactly what you would think it is. A van that is pre-equipped with everything a groomer needs in order to travel to and from owners’ homes and provide adorable and well-done haircuts to both dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and temperaments. 

They even have the ability to wash your dog without having to hook up to your house or come inside to use your tub. Which makes exposure and social distancing much less of a concern during these unsure times! 

What Benefits Are There To Mobile Grooming? 

What benefits are there to mobile grooming you ask?? Well, that’s easy! The groomer will travel to your house, eliminating the need to go anywhere, with everything they need conveniently set up already in their professionally equipped grooming vans. How can it get any easier? 

Not only will your pet be more comfortable in this one-on-one experience in their temperature-controlled vehicle, but they will be super happy about being finished in a timely fashion! Meaning they don’t have to be in and out of a cage all day long as other pets are groomed before them. 

What Pets Benefit The Most From Mobile Grooming? 

Honestly, most of our pets would benefit from a mobile grooming service. Even the owners love it! The process of being groomed at a facility can be very stressful to many dogs and cats. There are usually cages full of other animals, with lots of noise and anxiety-inducing situations. 

Dogs that are especially prone to being anxious in these hectic and difficult environments would especially benefit from being groomed at home. Even if it is still in a van with a stranger, it is much less stressful overall. 

Some dogs will become aggressive and stressed at grooming facilities as they are fearful and anxious about their surroundings, smells and noises. This should help minimize fear of aggressive behaviors with groomers as well, which can be a real problem. Some dogs are even fired for their naughty behavior over being groomed, which can be embarrassing and difficult for the owners as some dogs desperately need a haircut. 

Groomit – Making Haircuts A Better Experience For Everyone

Your groomer will ensure that your pet’s experience is a good one. They will take the time to groom your dog at the pace they are comfortable with and will help establish a relationship with the animal to make the next grooming visit that much better. Staying with a consistent groomer should help reduce anxiety for pets and owners as they get to know that person better over time. 

Many owners who have used Groomit will say that their pet was obviously much more comfortable with their services. They also feel that the individual and personalized care of their pet helped ease any discomfort and kept anxiety to a minimum, really making it a much easier experience with dogs who have been known to be difficult in the past. 

If you live in a city where Groomit is available, don’t hesitate to contact them for your dog or cat’s grooming needs. They are here to help you and your pet have as positive and wonderful an experience as possible. Plus, they will come out looking fabulous and smelling great, ready to show off their new and improved look to the world! 


Q: How does mobile pet grooming work?
Mobile pet grooming brings professional groomers directly to your location, providing convenient grooming services for your pet. The process typically begins with scheduling an appointment with a mobile grooming service. On the scheduled day, the groomer arrives at your home in a specially equipped mobile grooming van or trailer. They will set up a grooming station inside the vehicle, which is equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies.

Q: What services are offered in mobile pet grooming?
Mobile pet grooming offers a range of services similar to those provided in traditional grooming salons. These services can include bathing, drying, brushing, haircuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and gland expression. Some mobile groomers may also offer additional services such as teeth brushing or de-shedding treatments. The specific services available may vary depending on the groomer and your pet’s individual needs.

Q: How does mobile grooming benefit my pet?
Mobile grooming provides several benefits for your pet. Firstly, it eliminates the need for transportation to a grooming salon, reducing the stress and anxiety that some pets may experience during car rides. Being groomed in a familiar environment like your home can help create a calmer and more comfortable experience for your pet. Mobile grooming also provides one-on-one attention from the groomer, ensuring a personalized and focused grooming session.

Q: Is mobile pet grooming suitable for all pets?
Mobile pet grooming is suitable for most dogs and cats, regardless of their size or breed. Professional groomers in mobile grooming services are experienced in handling different types of pets and can accommodate their specific needs. Whether you have a small dog, a large breed, or a cat, mobile groomers have the expertise to provide appropriate grooming techniques and services tailored to your pet.

Q: Can I stay with my pet during the mobile grooming session?
In most cases, it’s not necessary for you to stay with your pet during the mobile grooming session. Mobile groomers are trained professionals who are experienced in handling pets independently. In fact, it’s often preferred that the pet owner is not present to avoid distractions and help maintain a calm environment for the grooming process. You can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands and receive the necessary care and attention during the grooming session.

Q: How long does a mobile pet grooming session typically take?
The duration of a mobile pet grooming session can vary depending on factors such as the size of your pet, the services requested, and your pet’s temperament. On average, grooming sessions can range from 1 to 3 hours. However, the groomer will inform you of the estimated time based on your pet’s specific needs. Mobile grooming provides the advantage of individual attention, allowing the groomer to focus on your pet without the distractions commonly found in busy salon environments.

Q: How can I prepare my pet for a mobile grooming session?
To prepare your pet for a mobile grooming session, ensure they are clean and dry before the groomer’s arrival. If your pet requires bathing, schedule it a day or two prior to the mobile grooming appointment. Additionally, make sure your pet has access to water and has been fed, but avoid feeding them immediately before the grooming session. It’s also helpful to provide a quiet and safe space for the grooming van or trailer to park near your home. By creating a calm and comfortable environment, you can help your pet have a positive grooming experience with the mobile groomer.

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GroomIt is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers. By connecting owners and groomers directly, Groomit offers top quality services at affordable prices, all performed in the convenience and comfortability of your home.

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