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Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts – Which is the Best for Your Pup?

There are many different Yorkshire Terrier haircuts, each with their own benefits. From the absolutely stunning show coat to a breezy short trim, this breed certainly has a lot of options available in regards to its coat.

But which one is the best for you? We’re going to take you through four of the most popular haircuts seen in the Yorkie to see which one would fit your particular pooch. Oh, and did I mention there’s going to be plenty of cute Yorkie pics?

Let’s get started already!

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Cut

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts - Puppy Cut

This is a super popular cut for the Yorkie, mainly because it fits their lovely nature so well. It’s created by trimming the hair to one or two inches long all over the body, leading to a cute and youthful look.

Additionally, this haircut is rather easy to maintain. Mats and tangles are less of a concern with the shorter hair, so they just need a quick brush each day.

Keep in mind, the Yorkie grows their hair back quite rapidly! Keeping them at this cut will likely require a follow-up trim each month.

Yorkshire Terrier Schnauzer Trim

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts - Schnauzer Trim

This more complex cut tries to emulate the distinctive coat of the Schnauzer, with long hair on the face and legs but a shorter trim on the rest of the body.

The result is astoundingly adorable! This cut really accentuates the beautiful aspects of their fur.

However, it is a little more difficult to maintain! The longer hair will need to be combed to prevent matting and regular trims will be necessary to keep everything at the right length.

Still, it isn’t too much hassle – making it a good choice for those looking for a balance of showy and practical.

Yorkshire Terrier Short Cut

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts - Short Cut

The short cut is definitely the easiest to take care of day to day – and it still looks good!

While many Yorkie enthusiasts may be sad to see the long hair trimmed away, it does offer a lot of benefits. There’s little chance of matting with the proper care and it’s much breezier for them during the summer months.

Finally, all that short hair frees up your Yorkie to feel as light as a feather, letting them run and play to their heart’s content.

Just remember; it won’t be too long before their hair starts to get long again!

Yorkshire Terrier Show Cut

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts - Show Cut

The Yorkshire Terrier show cut is absolutely stunning. The long hair gives them such a dignified and noble look that it can be hard to tear your eyes away.

However, this is by far the hardest coat to maintain. You will need to do daily brushing right down to the skin to help prevent matting and clear away debris.

It also can be a bit stifling for your Yorkie during the summer months, so it may be recommended to take extra care in keeping them cool during the hot weather.

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts – Which is the Best for Me?

To decide which haircut will work best for you, there are a few factors you need to take into account.

Many opt for the shorter styles, due to the fact they are easier to maintain. If you’re going for a longer and flashier cut, you need to ensure you can make the time each day to properly care for it.

Whichever haircut you decide is best for your Yorkie, our expert groomers are happy to provide the cut for you. We’ll come to your door and do our magic where your precious pooch feels most comfortable, leaving them with the most adorable look imaginable.

We can also help maintain your Yorkie’s coat to a professional level, giving you the peace of mind that their coat has been properly taken care of.

If you’re looking to give your Yorkie a new look, why not give us a shout? We’re always happy to help!

We at Groomit wish you and your pup the best and we hope to see you soon!


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