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In-Home Pet Grooming – The Best and Safest Choice!

As some of the states across the USA are beginning to relax lockdown restrictions, we’re sure many of your pets are itching for a good groom! However, the pandemic is still prevalent; so, it remains important to be careful. This means in-home pet grooming is the way to go!

But why is Groomit your best choice for grooming during the pandemic? In this article, we’re going to cover how we are ensuring your safety during this uncertain time, and what we do better than the standard pet salon.

So, let’s take a look!

In-Home Pet Grooming Means There Is No Need to Travel!

While traveling with pets to a salon is difficult at the best of times, the pandemic presents additional challenges that you should consider.

It is an unnecessary risk to the health of your pets and yourself to take a trip to a salon. After all, you can just stay at home and let Groomit come to you!

This also saves your pets from the stress of the trip. In-home pet grooming is simply the best way of getting your pets groomed safely and without stress.

Easier to Follow Social Distancing and Hygiene Guidelines

As many pet salons are opening across the country for the first time in a long while, such places will likely be busy, with multiple groomers and families all around.

This allows an easy environment for COVID-19 to spread, presenting a risk to you and your pets if you decide to use a salon.

However, by having one of our groomers come to you, it is much easier to observe the social distance and hygiene guidelines set out by the CDC and the WHO. This minimizes any risk of infection, allowing your family to stay healthy and safe.

You’re in the Hands of a Service You Can Trust!

At Groomit, the safety of our customers and groomers is paramount. We will do everything in our ability to ensure that you and your pets remain safe during the pandemic.

Our groomers make sure to:

  • Follow social distancing rules
  • Wash and sanitize hands before and after grooming
  • Sanitize our grooming tools and working area before and after service
  • Wear gloves and a facemask
  • Wear shoe covers
  • The temperature of our groomers is monitored daily to ensure no fever is present

You can trust Groomit to ensure your safety with our in-home grooming services. Your pets will soon be looking and feeling wonderful, without being exposed to the risk that comes with taking them to a salon!

Groom Your Pets Safely with Groomit!

After some time away, our services are beginning to become available once again! We are currently available 7 days a week within New Jersey, and you can begin pre-booking appointments in Philadelphia and New York City for any date after May 15th.

For an up-to-date rundown of our current status, check here.

We are excited to be serving you and your pets once more! If your pets are in dire need of a good grooming after this time of isolation, be sure to make an appointment with us now and avoid the hassle and risk of going to a pet salon.

We’re always happy to help!


Ryan Jones

Ryan is a freelance writer for hire specializing in Pets and Animals. He works closely with various pet sites with the aim to educate people on everything there is to know about our cute furry companions. When he isn’t writing professionally he is usually keeping his cat Snow out of trouble!

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