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Dogs in Fall: What You Need to Know!

Fall is fast approaching! The change of the season can bring plenty for your dogs to enjoy; comfortable and cool weather, along with plenty of piles of leaves to dive into!

But it’s important to realize that are some problems that may occur within this season that you need to be careful of, for the sake of your pet’s health.

In this article we’ll look into three of these potential issues and what you can do to help prevent and alleviate them!

Dangerous Fungi

With the damper conditions of the season, there is an increased prevalence of mushrooms, especially in certain regions of America. Some of these mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs if ingested.

As many dogs can be inquisitive to a fault, they must be supervised within areas that have a high chance of containing mushrooms, such as wooded areas and parks.

If you commonly let your dog out in the yard, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what is growing there throughout the season, removing any mushrooms as they appear.

Check here for information on the common toxic mushrooms that are responsible for almost all of the deadly poisonings in America.

Paw Pad Care

Properly caring for your dog’s paws is important across all seasons, however, it is particularly crucial during the fall. The wetter weather of this season can cause mud and debris to easily get trapped in-between their paw pads, which is not only uncomfortable but can be a health risk.

Cuts and scrapes can easily be hidden beneath dirt and grit. Keeping these areas clean will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Trimming dog paw fur frequently during the fall is key to keeping this vulnerable area safe. We at Groomit offer an exemplary paw trimming service that can take care of this; just ask your groomer!

Ticks and Fleas

Unfortunately, these nasty bugs can remain prevalent into the autumn months, especially in the case of the flea.

Therefore, it’s important to keep taking preventative measures against these parasites.

Keeping your yard clean is a great first step. Keep any grass within your lawn short, and sweep any dark and shaded areas daily to make the area a less attractive place for fleas to stay.

There are a variety of protective medicines for dogs that can protect them from fleas and ticks, ranging from sprays to specially-treated collars. See what works best for your dogs!

We have an article here that takes a more detailed look into dealing with fleas and ticks.

Benefits of a Great Grooming Routine

Proper grooming during the coming months is key; not only will the weather be tougher on your dog’s coat, but many breeds also shed heavily during this time of year. 

Regular grooming is needed to keep them clean, beautiful, and above all else, healthy!

Luckily, you’ve found yourself in the best place for the highest quality grooming, all within the comfort of your own home, and at a great price. With all those positives, what have you got to lose by giving us a try?

Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help keep your dogs feeling and looking fantastic this fall!


Ryan Jones

Ryan is a freelance writer for hire specializing in Pets and Animals. He works closely with various pet sites with the aim to educate people on everything there is to know about our cute furry companions. When he isn’t writing professionally he is usually keeping his cat Snow out of trouble!

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