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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is upon us! While you may be busy worrying about how to spoil your own mother, it’s important to consider that there may be another mother within your family that also deserves your attention!

We are referring to the many mother dogs and cats that live within families across America. Sadly, they are usually forgotten during this time of year. We could all do better for our brave dogs and cats who have given birth!

For this article, we will be providing some valuable advice around pregnancy and birth within both dogs and cats, along with suggestions on how to throw a great Mother’s Day celebration for them!

Cats, Dogs, and Pregnancy

If you currently have a pet who is expecting, be they cat or dog, there are a number of things to help ensure the health of the mother and her litter.

Firstly, when you notice your cat or dog is pregnant, get them checked out by the vet! There is no better time for a general health evaluation to potentially catch any complications early.

Secondly, good nutrition is key. Your pet is now eating for two after all! Discuss dietary changes with your vet and find a solution that provides everything your pet will need.

Finally, when it comes close to the expected birth date, prepare a “nest” for your pet to give birth in. This area should be a quiet, safe area for the birth to take place. Ideally, the litter should be able to grow up here too!

A cardboard box filled with towels and blankets is usually a good idea. Of course, if you have a large dog, you may need a bigger container!

After Birth Care

So your pet has just given birth; congratulations!

However, before you get too distracted fawning over the immensely cute puppies or kittens, it’s important to keep an eye on how the mother is doing.

It’s normal for the mother to have decreased appetite after birth for several hours. However, they should be back to their normal eating habits within a day. Contact your vet if this isn’t the case!

Vaginal discharge for up to a few days after the birth tends to be normal too; however, if it is foul-smelling, there may be an infection. If your pet experiences this, it is recommended that you get them to a vet as soon as possible.

Finally, ensure the mother is caring for their litter. Some cats and dogs are initially lost in what to do; they may not remove the membrane surrounding the puppies/kittens or chew off the umbilical cord. In this case, you will have to do it yourself.

It’s a good idea to also make sure the litter is able to nurse properly off the mother. If you notice that they are being pushed away, or can’t seem to get any milk, call your vet.

Giving Your Mother Pets the Celebration They Deserve!

Whether your pet is currently expecting or had a litter long ago, they still deserve recognition on Mother’s Day! It can be a great time to show them a lot of love.

Some special treats, like a new toy or even a fun outdoors trip, can be lovely ideas to spoil your pet during this time of year.  

However, for a gift that keeps on giving, how about making an appointment at Groomit? Our professional groomers can work their magic and quickly make your pet feel like they are walking on air while looking amazing to boot!

Make an appointment with us now!

We at Groomit wish you all a fantastic Mother’s Day!


Ryan Jones

Ryan is a freelance writer for hire specializing in Pets and Animals. He works closely with various pet sites with the aim to educate people on everything there is to know about our cute furry companions. When he isn’t writing professionally he is usually keeping his cat Snow out of trouble!

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