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8 Ways Warm Weather Can Impact Your Pet

As temperatures rise higher, it’s important to realize what this means for our beloved pets. The passing of seasons transforms the outdoors, bringing more significant changes than you may think!

Here are 8 quick-fire ways the hotter weather can have a big impact on your pet!

1. Heat Stroke

It is of absolute importance that you understand the dangers of heat before taking your pet into warm weather, even if it doesn’t feel that hot to you.

Keep to the shade and avoid strenuous exercise. Water should always be on hand to help keep your pets hydrated.

Check these links for advice on both dogs and cats.

2. Allergies

With the spring and summer comes an influx of pollen, which in turn causes a lot of irritation to those of us with seasonal allergies.

These allergies can sadly affect our pets too, leading to itchy skin and inflammation.

Read our article here on allergies for more information and advice.

3. Ticks and Fleas

While the warm seasons offer the opportunity for a lot of fun outdoors, it’s also the time when fleas and ticks are most active.

Taking preventative measures against these creepy crawlies can help save your pet from the irritation and disease they cause. Check out our article on the subject here for more info!

4. Poisonous Plants

With spring, a lot of eye-catching flowers begin to bloom. An inquisitive pet may attempt to eat them.

With most plants, this is no problem and will cause no ill-effects. However, there are plants that can prove to be poisonous.

For information on the most common poisonous flowers, check the link here.

5. Outdoor Adventures

Many families take this time of the year to plan hikes, camping, or days at the beach. Bringing your pet along for the ride can be great fun.

However, it’s important to take care of your pets during these trips. Be sure to have breaks to help them cool down and to bring plenty of water.

6. Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Throughout spring and summer, these buzzing insects are prevalent everywhere. Your cat or dog may be inclined to chase or eat them, which can quickly lead to a sting.

In most cases, one or two stings just results in some minor swelling. However, many stings can be fatal.

Therefore, it’s advised that you avoid areas with a lot of bee/wasp/hornet activity.

7. Swimming

While many cats do not care for swimming, some dogs love the opportunity to dive into a pool and swim to their heart’s content.

This can be a great way of cooling them off, but it’s still important to keep an eye on them. If you see them beginning to struggle, remove them from the water as soon as you can.

8. Shedding Season

At this time of year, many pets usually shed their thicker winter coat for a breezier summer coat. While this naturally helps them regulate their temperature, it can lead to a lot of dead hair.

Our professional groomers offer an extra de-shedding service on top of any of our packages for only $30. Be sure to schedule an appointment to help keep your home free of fur this year!

Have a Great Spring and Summer!

We hope this article has given you the information you need to help ensure that your pets can enjoy the warm weather to its fullest!

Groomit is always available to help keep your pets comfortable and looking stylish during this lovely time of the year. Make an appointment now!


Ryan Jones

Ryan is a freelance writer for hire specializing in Pets and Animals. He works closely with various pet sites with the aim to educate people on everything there is to know about our cute furry companions. When he isn’t writing professionally he is usually keeping his cat Snow out of trouble!

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