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New Year’s Resolutions Tips for You & Your Pet

Nearly half of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year, yet only 8% of Americans actually achieve their resolutions and desired goals. This year, pet parents should plan to incorporate their pets into their New Year’s Resolutions goals.

Get Fit 

All pets need mental and physical activity to stay fit and since they can’t take walks alone, the health benefits rub off onto you too! January is “National Walk Your Dog Month,” another reminder to start the New Year off with health as a top priority. Make a pledge to extend your daily walks or increase their frequency. With winter in full swing, daylight fades quickly and many pet owners are walking their dogs in the dark, so to ensure safety, considering using a Headlight Harness. Highly reflective, water resistant and lightweight; it lights up the path ahead while making you and your dog visible to everyone in the area! Learn more at:

Try Something New

The New Year is the perfect time to make a commitment to engage in fresh experiences that reinvigorate your life. Explore a new hiking trail each weekend, plan a pet-friendly trip, or try a new activity. Did you know there is such a thing as Doga? It’s yoga but with your canine by your side. If you plan to travel with your pet or want to take more outdoor adventures together, consider adding a pet stroller from Petique to your life. Learn more at:

Get Pampered

Life can get busy, for humans, regularly receiving a monthly massage could boost your mood significantly and pets need some pampering too! Regular grooming helps to maintain healthy skin and coat. If you do not have the time to groom your pet yourself, consider making them an appointment with Groomit: a mobile app offering on-demand in-home pet grooming services. Learn more at:

Find Zen

The use of cannabidiol (CBD Oil for pets) is on the rise and is a safe and natural way to minimize pet anxiety. Prana Pets is a leading brand of natural pet remedies and known for safe, effective and quality products. Take a meditation class, take some CBD and begin practicing every day. Allow your pet to be your inspiration! Cheers to a new beginning for you both!