Dogs: A Netflix series

 Dogs: a Netflix series. If you are a dog lover this series will make you happier. Six stories of unconditional love between humans and their best friends look like a very entertaining and emotional documentary.

From countries including Syria, Japan, Italy and the United States, each episode celebrates how dogs and humans are doing to change each other’s lives. The fourth episode, set in Japan, introduces two renowned dog groomers who fly to California to show off their artistic skills in the ultimate dog-grooming competition.

Co-producer Glenn Zipper said: “Dogs don’t just make us feel loved, dogs make us feel safe. In the world we live in today, no matter how divided we are, we should take care to realize how much dogs mean to all of us, and how our bond with them can help bring us together.”

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Sofia Goya

Sofia is a Designer and has worked for many years with brands related to dogs and cats. As an animal lover, she has always had a passion for improving their lives. She loves to read and write about ideas that bring people and their pets closer together. Her very active Border Collie is a great inspiration for all the experiences an owner could have while sharing their life with such a great companion.

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