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5 ways to keep your dog’s eyes clean

Pets’ eyes are exceptionally delicate, and there are ways to keep your dog’s eyes clean that you can do so they aren’t prone to infections and traumas.

Eye issues can be common among many toy breeds, such as poodles, cocker spaniels, and shih tzus. However, the situation varies for each breed depending on their hair type, length, and face shape.

What should you do if your pet is experiencing problems with their eyes?

1. Consult with your Vet

If your pet’s eye is red, cloudy, or inflamed, it may be infected. If you have any doubts, always visit your trusted veterinarian for a diagnosis.

2. Trim the hair around the eyes

When groomer visits you, ask them to trim the hair around your dog’s eyes as much as possible. This will keep the area clean and clear, preventing bacteria from entering the eyes.

3. Clean Tears Stain

Staining under a dog’s eyes is a common issue, especially in breeds with white or light-colored fur. The staining is often caused by tear production, which can lead to discoloration due to the presence of tear pigments and bacteria. Gently clean the stained area under your dog’s eyes daily using a mild, pet-safe eye wipe or solution. This helps remove tear residue and prevent bacterial growth.

4. Ask your groomer for a treatment to remove stains

At Groomit, we offer a very berry face add-on, a gentle formula containing oatmeal & blueberry to remove stains without irritating your pet. This can be a soothing option!

5. Try A Pet Eye Comb

While it’s not common to use an eye comb for pets, there are specialized grooming tools designed for cleaning the area around a dog’s eyes. These tools are often referred to as “tear stain combs” or “eye combs.” They typically have fine teeth or bristles that help remove debris, tear stains, and matted fur around the eyes.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian before starting any treatment, as tear staining can have various causes, and the appropriate approach may vary depending on your dog’s individual health and circumstances.

pet grooming near me

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