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A Groomed Dog is a Happy & Healthy Dog!

Imagine going weeks or months without washing your hair, cutting your nails or brushing your teeth. It’s pretty certain you wouldn’t feel too good about yourself, and believe it or not, the same goes for our pets. Regular grooming not only helps to improve Fido’s appearance and hygiene, but it’s an important part of maintaining their overall health and well-being.


With busy schedules, it can often be difficult for owners to commit to a regular grooming routine. However, it’s important to remember how essential regular grooming is for dogs of all kinds. Whether your pup has a long flowing coat or is a short-haired breed; the bottom line is a groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog! Here are some of the many benefits of regular grooming, along with tips on how busy families can make convenient and safe grooming happen with ease!


Many pets benefit from an occasional bath to remove dirt and excess skin oils that can sometimes cause skin conditions and unpleasant odors. In addition, brushing and bathing will remove the mats and tangles in your pet’s hair that can tug uncomfortably on the skin.

Skin & Coat

Did you know skin disorders are amongst the most common health problems in dogs?  Constant scratching, biting, or licking is usually caused by parasites, infections, allergies, stress, diet, environmental problems, or a combination of these. Dry skin can be a factor too. Regardless of what the cause is, itching is a threat to skin health. Regular baths with natural dog specific shampoos will keep your pet’s skin clean, nourished and healthy.


If you can hear your dog’s nails on the floor or concrete, they are probably too long. Pets can have extremely sharp nails and if not frequently trimmed, they can cause serious injury. Regular trims can reduce the risk of injury, stops them getting caught in carpet or other upholstery, and prevents the likelihood of in-growing nails. Most pet owners are fearful or uncertain on how to trim their dog’s nails. Scheduling a regular groom will take care of this for you, as well as other basic maintenance needs like ear cleanings.

Fresh Smelling 

No one really enjoys that “dog smell” that lingers on Fido or around the house. In fact, your canine probably dislikes it too. Regular grooming will keep your pooch and house smelling less “doggy” and fresher!


When you look good, you feel good. The same applies to our pets! Dogs are much happier after a nice haircut and cleaning. Plus, a clean smell and sleek appearance will definitely get your pooch more hugs, love and attention. This will in turn, boost their confidence and mood significantly!

Health Issues

Having them groomed is a good way to check for fleas and ticks that can lead to disease and illness. It’s also a great way to keep a lookout for any lumps or other potential problems. Just like people, dogs have ailments and issues that can show up out of nowhere. Part of the groomer’s job is to inspect your pet from head to toe to tail and spot anything abnormal. This will allow you to get the medical attention your pet needs, which you may have otherwise missed if they weren’t examined by the groomer!


If you or any member of your family suffers from allergies due to pet dander, regular grooming can help tremendously with reducing these allergens. Brushing and bathing will keep things clean and fresh, which will ultimately cut down on the amount of pet hair and dander found around your home.

These are just a few of the many benefits of regular grooming to keep in mind. Unfortunately, going to the groomers isn’t always a fun or desirable experience for pets. Traveling to and from the groomers can cause stress on our beloved dogs or cats. Not to mention, now that we’re in the summer months, many pet parents want to avoid a hot car trip altogether.

Between hectic schedules and pet anxiety, grooming pets at home has become an alternative option to dog and cat grooming. Pet parents are choosing in-home grooming for a number of reasons; convenience, less stress for both pet and owner, safety concerns, no exposure to other animals, diseases or parasites, and personal one-on-one care and attention. Thanks to the new mobile app called Groomit, finding a reputable and trustworthy groomer to come directly to your home is now made possible!

The Groomit app connects pet grooming specialists with pet owners, allowing users to select a groomer and a desired time window. This innovative app is well regarded for the convenience of its service and the high level of excellence displayed by the groomers. Groomers provided on the Groomitapp are fully insured and fully qualified professionals. They specialize in a pet’s comfort and safety, bringing the relaxing aura of a doggy spa directly to one’s home. Each groomer uses all-natural products while providing a low-stress and comfortable grooming experience.

The key benefits for pet owners include: convenient appointment booking and payment within app, extensive network of experienced groomers, top safety (extensive background checks on groomers), insurance covers all pets and property, groomers and customers rate each other resulting in higher community standards, appointments are in the comfort of the pet owners home, and Groomit meets each groomer in person, verifies skills and provides training sessions. Learn more at

Groomit is a great option for all dogs, but especially ideal for senior canines, cats, or pets who suffer from anxiety. Currently available for pet owners in New York, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut and San Diego, download the Groomit app today and begin reaping all of the benefits of regular pet grooming!

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