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Dog-Friendly Vacation Tips

According to a study performed by the AAA and Best Western International, more than half of U.S pet owners take their dogs with them when they travel.

If you are considering traveling during Memorial Day weekend, why not let your dog in on the fun?

Here are some dog-friendly vacation tips!

1. Find a Dog-Friendly Destination!

There are great vacation spots all throughout the U.S, but not all of them allow dogs.

Not too far from Groomit HQ are The Finger Lakes; a great spot in upstate New York that has many activities for well-behaved pets (and owners)!

To help find that perfect location for you and your dog, GoPetFriendly is a fantastic starting point for helping you find dog-friendly destinations and activities.

2. Get the Car Ready!

If you haven’t done any long road trips before with your dog, try to get them used to the car a few days before you start traveling. This can help prevent your pupper from experiencing any travel anxiety on the big day!

Doggie seatbelts are crucial to keep them safe and under control. You don’t want your dog crawling all over the place when you are concentrating on the road.

Ask your veterinarian for advice about what is the best and safest seatbelt for your particular dog. Alternatively, a spacious pet carrier can be used.

3. Don’t Let Your Dog Stick Their Head Out of the Car Window!

We know that dogs love to feel the wind by sticking their head out of the window while you are driving, but it’s better to keep them inside to be safe.

When your dog pokes their head out of the window of a moving car, their eyes are exposed to all kinds of dirt and debris, which can easily cause painful injuries.

No-one wants to start a vacation with a vet visit! So be sure to prioritize your dog’s safety.

4. Stop and Have a Break Every 2-3 Hours

Periodically reward your pup’s patience and let them out of the car to get some fresh air and to stretch their legs. They may also need to use the bathroom.

This can be a great time to give water too, especially in hot weather. It’s important to keep you pupper hydrated during the long journey.

5. Plan the Route

If you are planning on making any stops on the way to your destination, be prudent and ensure they are dog-friendly ahead of time.

This can help prevent any nasty surprises!

6. Accommodation

There are plenty of hotels that are not only dog-friendly but also offer specialized services and fun activities for dogs.


To find a good place to stay, it’s as simple as searching on sites such as Airbnb and Vacation Rentals for pooch-friendly rooms!


If you need some ideas, check out this great blog post here for some good vacation spots for dogs and their owners!

Happy travels!

pet grooming near me

Sofia Goya

Sofia is a Designer and has worked for many years with brands related to dogs and cats. As an animal lover, she has always had a passion for improving their lives. She loves to read and write about ideas that bring people and their pets closer together. Her very active Border Collie is a great inspiration for all the experiences an owner could have while sharing their life with such a great companion.

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