Miley Cyrus dog’s… we lost track

Miley Cyrus is an animal lover she has not only dogs but cats and even a pig, here are some of the dogs we are aware she owns but honestly is hard to be updated, the great thing is that most of them are adopted.

Mary Jane

Why would I wanna get outta bed when I could cuddle MJ all day!

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Barbie And Happy

I'm holding sweet potato chips …. ๐Ÿ’›

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Sofia Goya

Sofia is a Designer and has worked for many years with brands related to dogs and cats. As an animal lover, she has always had a passion for improving their lives. She loves to read and write about ideas that bring people and their pets closer together. Her very active Border Collie is a great inspiration for all the experiences an owner could have while sharing their life with such a great companion.

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